Promoting your sales


Kiakia Shops is a classified shop listing website that connects:
1. The producer and consumer together.
2. The merchant and customer together.
3. The seller and buyer together.

Benefits as a buyer:
1. You can easily order for what you need from your room.
2. You can get different shop address, if you’re selective.
3. No login needed, just get on the site and search for what you need.
4. 100% free to use.

Benefits as a business owner:
1. 100% sales growth.
2. Connects you with your direct customers.
3. Free E-flyer on registration.

How to use?
1. From your mobile phone, tablet or PC goto your web browser then type the site URL and press go. (wait for the page to display)
2. Input whatever is it you need to get into the search box, select your category, location and submit your search.
3. Different shop addresses will be displayed based on what you search and your location.
4. Click on any of the shops to get details, call/message the owner to make order or fix a time to pick up your purchase.
5. Tell your family and friends about it.

Click here to register your shop.